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How the Use of Virtual Learning Environment Tools Affects the Online Learning Experience?

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Beth Rubin, Ron Fernandes, Maria Avgerinou


This ongoing study examines affordances of two different Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) or Learning Management Systems (LMSs), Blackboard and Desire2Learn, and their effects on faculty and student satisfaction and the elements of the Community of Inquiry (CoI) model: social presence, teaching presence, and cognitive presence (Garrison, Anderson & Archer, 2000). In this paper, we shall share the initial results of the study. Although data collection and analysis are still ongoing, preliminary findings describe (a) faculty perceptions of different affordances of these tools leading to different support for effective and efficient teaching, (b) the effects of faculty tool use on student satisfaction and CoI, and, (c) the effects of student satisfaction with the LMS on satisfaction with the course. 

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12681/icodl.824

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