Training Teachers in Media Literacy: Conclusions from the Workshops in the framework of the MEDEAnet Project in Greece

Δημοσιευμένα: Nov 5, 2015
Workshop Media literacy Media education teachers’ training Medeanet
Sofia Papadimitriou
Media literacy programs aim to teach young people to be active participants and critical users in Media communication and not passive absorbers of information by accessing, analyzing and creating Media in various contexts. Teachers should perceive the potential of Media and do not simply dismiss them as dangerous. Implementing Media literacy programs requires teachers’ constant training, towards all changing directions in 21st century. Three workshops were organized by the Educational Radiotelevision in the framework of the MEDEAnet project (2011-14) regarding Media literacy addressed to teachers of primary, secondary and post secondary vocational education level. The paper describes the methodologies, the results, the material produced and lessons learned after the implementation of three workshops. Furthermore statistics regarding teachers’ evaluation from all workshops are provided and also conclusions and proposals for organizing future Media literacy workshops.
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