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A Proposal for the Development of a Flexible Delivery Policy for the Department of Marketing of the Technological Education Institution (TEI) of Athens

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Dimitris Zondiros, Dimitris Novas, Maria Briana



The undergraduate programme in Marketing offered by the Department of Marketing of the Technological Education Institution (TEI) ofAthensis currently delivered using mainly the lecture-based approach for students 18-24 years of age. However, a number of factors, both internal and external, exert pressure towards redesigning delivery around a more flexible approach, which may target to both current students and future older applicants. These factors include, among others, a great demand for management studies, rigidity of organisational structures and a lack of focus on Life Long Learning to serve the needs of the changing student population. Therefore, Flexible Delivery is an approach well suited to address current and future students’ needs in or above the 18-24 age range. So, the current organisational situation and the key elements for consideration are described and analysed (improvement in access and equity, flexibility of teacher – learner interactions, the appropriate tutor support, improvement of organisational processes and the nature and the scope of the administrative systems). These are followed by respective policy recommendations for this organization so as to respond to the new requirements deriving from the introduction of Flexible Delivery. These policy recommendations take into account the difficulties that are normally expected to arise and propose ways to overcome them.  In any case, a gradual adaptation is preferable since that there are - and there will be - many challenges to be faced by the organisation.  

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Flexible delivery; Flexible teaching and learning; Life long learning

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12681/icodl.700

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