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Digital textuality: innovation in the narrative representations of local knowledge and the potential for secondary education

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Maria Kokolaki, Michael D. Fischer, Maria Dogkogianni


This paper is based on a proposal connected with the effort to promote awareness and sensitivity towards the protection of local knowledge through school based education in Greece. It responds to the growing need of small communities facing digital globalization in the modern world to gain ownership, maintain and promote their local cultural distinctiveness. It is an intervention carried through in a Greek school, for testing the possibility of implementation of ICT enhanced pedagogy in promoting critical literacy about local knowledge.
The subject chosen was Local History Class of the third grade of the junior high school, in the context of changes in the national curriculum where local history becomes an independent subject. The intervention was based on teamwork, active participation and engagement of the students with various research activities. Students, apart from simply concentrating on compiling a collection of primary material which was stored in a digital form, made an effort to represent this body of knowledge in digital narratives. The activities were supported by Web 2.0 technology and were based on social constructivist principles. Our aim was to bring children into touch with their local culture, to instill a sense of ownership, increase awareness of the intrinsic value of local knowledge and enhance their ability to represent, preserve and also reproduce this type of knowledge.

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Digital Storytelling, On-line learning communities, Local knowledge, Local history

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12681/icodl.24

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