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Exploring factors that affect K-12 Greek teachers to adopt social media in their classes

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Babis Georgakainas, Panagiotis Zaharias


During the last decade there is a rapid progress in Web 2.0 technologies and especially in social media. Every day, many people and mostly teenagers become members in web communities in order to communicate, to make friends, to express themselves in a huge international audience. Education could not remain unaffected by this progress. Nevertheless there is a scarcity of research regarding the factors that may influence elementary and secondary education teachers to adopt and integrate such technologies in formal educational activities and courses. This paper describes a study with the main aim to explore the factors that may affect teachers in the adoption of Web 2.0 technologies and especially social media in their classes with a focus on Greek formal education and schools. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with six Greek teachers in K-12 and secondary education. Findings reveal a general positive attitude towards the adoption and use of these technologies and a tendency for a smooth integration in the educational activities. Problems and challenges are also discussed.

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social media; Web 2.0; innovations; digital natives; Education 2.0

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12681/icodl.552

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