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Student Support – Andragogy in a Virtual World The Development of an Essential Information Website for Postgraduate Students

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Philomena MCLAUGHLIN, Billy (Bin) LIU


The increasingly ubiquitous nature of e-learning has meant that adult learners need support and guidance both in the use of resources; programme and institution obligations; but also in terms of socialisation particularly regarding student obligations and expectations.  These issues have been addressed through the development of a website available to all prospective students through to those that register and continue on a programme of study. This website has been available to current students for one academic year. The website has had almost two thousand visitors in the academic year since its inception and has had extensive attention from other schools in the University and from external clients, which is indicative of its potential to fulfil an emergent but essential function in adult learning for postgraduate distance learning students. The development and utility of the website is accounted for in this paper.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12681/icodl.443

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