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Distance learning and lifelong learning

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Maria de Fátima GOULAO


One way to education reaches more people, whether they are in a higher education or not, whether they are at the beginning of their formation or updating their knowledge is through the distance learning. It has many specific characteristics that make a person a privileged partner in the whole process.

Many of the students of the distance learning are no longer young and have their jobs and families. By these reasons they have to coordinate the different areas of life which are mutually influenced. The reasons that take them to embrace a project of distance learning are diversified. Some students bet on getting an upper academic level because they can reach a better place of work while others only want to have a bigger cultural degree. 

Our study pretended to know the reasons that induce people to choose this education system and how they evaluate the elearning, in general. A sample of 80 distance learning students of both sexes was used. As an instrument to collect data, in the first question, it was used an open answer questionnaire in which was requested the 3 main reasons that took the inquired to choose distance learning. The analysis of the answers was made based in the technique of content analysis. In the elearning evaluation it was used a qualitative scale. 

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distance learning; adults’ learns; lifelong learning

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12681/icodl.427

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