Elements of fairness in tertiary e-learning distance education in covid-19 era

Δημοσιευμένα: Jan 22, 2022
Konstandina Koutsouba
Maria Koutsouba
Yiannis Gkiosos

The unavoidable and almost instant transition from face-to face education to online education due to the covid-10 pandemic has undoubtfully caused problems and dysfunctions in all levels of education including tertiary education. However, each drastic change, apart from problems and dysfunctions, generates benefits and opportunities too. Based on this, the aim of the paper is to point out the benefits and opportunities created for the tertiary e-learning education during the era of pandemic referred to the related literature and to investigate whether these may improve fairness in tertiary e-learning education for all the stakeholders involved. For the purpose of the analysis 15 specific articles are reviewed. These articles are deliberately selected since, from the literature review carried out, these focused on tertiary e-learning education during the covid-19 era. The results show that important benefits and crucial opportunities do have arisen both for students and the academic institutions during the pandemic era. Additionally, these benefits and opportunities proved to work in favor of improving in future fairness in the sector of tertiary e-learning education.

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