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HNPS2021 Third Circular


Dear Members of the HNPS, Dear Colleagues,

After request by several colleagues, the abstract submission deadline has been extended to Friday, August 6th, 2021.  


HNPS2021 Second Circular


Dear Members of the HNPS, Dear Colleagues,

We would like to remind you the abstract submission deadline Friday, 30th July, 2021.

HNPS2021 First Circular


Dear Members of the HNPS, Dear Colleagues,

It is a great pleasure to invite you at the 29th Symposium of the Hellenic Nuclear Physics Society (HNPS), which had to be postponed owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, and will now be held at the National Center for Scientific Research "Demokritos" (NCSRD) on Friday 24th  and Saturday 25th  September, 2021

The Symposium will be jointly organized by the Institute of Nuclear & Radiological Sciences and Technology, Energy & Safety (INRASTES) and the Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics (INPP) of NCSRD.

The Symposium will be held at the Auditorium of the Demokritos Congress Center located in the NCSRD campus in Aghia Paraskevi. In case of inability to hold the Symposium on-site due to restrictive measures of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Symposium will be held in a hybrid mode, which will consist of on-site and virtual (on-line) presentations and participation. 

The Symposium organized annually by the HNPS since 1990, offers an excellent opportunity for scientists in Greece and abroad to meet and discuss their state-of-the-art research activities on Theoretical and Experimental Nuclear Physics, Nuclear Astrophysics, as well as Applications of the Nuclear Science including Nuclear Analytical Techniques, Nuclear Technology and Radiation Protection, Environmental Radioactivity and Bio-Medical Applications. Moreover, it offers the grounds to junior scientists to present their recent scientific work and to expand their scientific interactions with senior scientists.

Sessions will include Oral (15 min + 5 min for discussion), as well as Poster presentations. Registration and abstract submission should be done on line at the symposium website:

As in every year, the Symposium Proceedings will be published by the Hellenic Nuclear Physics Society in a special Volume entitled “HNPS 2021: Advances in Nuclear Physics” and will be uploaded to the e-Publishing platform and national indexing accumulation infrastructures provided by the National Documentation Centre (EKT). Please note that there is a limit of 6 pages for the papers corresponding to oral presentations and 4 pages for posters.

You are kindly asked to inform your colleagues and students about our symposium. Submissions by young researchers are strongly encouraged.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the 29th HNPS Symposium at NCSRD.


The Organizing Committee

George Apostolopoulos (INRASTES)

Michael Axiotis (INPP)

Andreas Karydas (INPP)

Anastasios Lagoyannis (INPP)

Andriana Martinou (INPP)

Ion Stamatelatos (INRASTES)

Theodora Vasilopoulou (INRASTES)



Registration opens

Friday, June 25th, 2021

Abstract submission deadline:

Friday, July 30th, 2021

Abstract acceptance notification::

Friday, August 13th, 2021

Full Manuscript submission deadline:

Friday, October 29th, 2020



Current Issue

Vol. 28 (2021): HNPS2021
HNPS2021 Proceedings Cover

Published: 2022-10-17

Proceedings of the 29th Annual Symposium of the Hellenic Nuclear Physics Society (HNPS2021).

The Symposium was organized by the NCSR "Demokritos" on September 24th and 25th 2021.

Shell model foundations of the proxy-SU(3) symmetry: Nucleon pairs creating nuclear deformation

Dennis Bonatsos, Andriana Martinou, Ioannis E. Assimakis, Spyridon K. Peroulis, Smaragda Sarantopoulou, Nikolay Minkov

A study of shape transition and bubbleness in Ne isotopes

Pankaj Kumar, Virender Thakur, Shashi K. Dhiman

A Technique for Metallic Waste Characterization and Segregation in Management Routes

Dimitrios Mavrikis, Angelos Markopoulos, Elena Dalla, Alexandra Ioannidou, Anastasia Savidou

Measurements of projectile fragments from 70 Zn (15 MeV/nucleon) + 64 Ni collisions with the MAGNEX spectrometer at INFN-LNS

Stergios Koulouris, Georgios Souliotis, Francesco Cappuzzello, Diana Carbone, Athena Pakou, Clementina Agodi, Giuseppe Brischetto, Salvatore Calabrese, Manuela Cavallaro, Irene Ciraldo, Olga Fasoula, Jozef Klimo, Konstantina Palli, Onoufrios Sgouros, Vasileios Soukeras, Alessandro Spatafora, Domenico Torresi, Martin Veselsky

Study of Multinucleon Transfer Mechanisms in 86Kr-Induced Peripheral Reactions at 15 and 25 MeV/nucleon

Olga Fasoula, George Souliotis, Stergios Koulouris, Konstantina Palli, Martin Veselsky, Sherry Yenello, Aldo Bonasera

The Giant Monopole and Dipole Resonances within the Constrained Molecular Dynamics (CoMD) Framework

Teo Depastas, Georgios Souliotis, Konstantina Palli, Aldo Bonasera, Hua Zheng

Impact of nuclear mass measurements in the vicinity of 132Sn on the r-process nucleosynthesis

STYLIANOS NIKAS, Anu Kankainen, Olga Beliuskina, Dmitrii Nesterenko

Recent developments in the modeling of (n,γ) reactions with FIFRELIN

Achment Chalil, Thomas Materna, Olivier Litaize, Abdelaziz Chebboubi

Nuclear Structure Investigations in Yb isotopes

Aikaterini Zyriliou, Theo J. Mertzimekis, Achment Chalil, Polytimos Vasileiou, Stefanos Pelonis, Margarita Efstathiou, Lucian Stan, Andrei Turturica, Cristian Costache, Radu Mihai, Ruxandra Borcea, Sorin Ujeniuc, Sebastian Toma, Cristina Clisu, Andreea Oprea, Alina Ionescu, Ioana Gheorghe, Marian Boromiza, Constantin Mihai, Christophe Sotty, Christina Nita, Nicolae Marginean, Raluca Marginean, Nicoleta Florea, Irina Dinescu, Dorel Bucurescu, Dan Filipescu, Razvan Lica, Lucian Stroe, Rares Suvaila

Preparing Phase 4 of the n_TOF/CERN facility

Maria-Elisso Stamati, Nikolas Patronis, Michael Bacak, Simone Amaducci, Adria Casanovas Hoste, Francisco Garcia Infantes, Alice Manna, Alberto Mengoni, Jose Antonio Pavon Rodriguez, Antonio Javier Praena Rodriguez, Michele Spelta

Experimental Study of the Nuclear Structure of 180Hf: Preliminary results

Polytimos Vasileiou, Theo J. Mertzimekis, Achment Chalil, Aikaterini Zyriliou, Stefanos Pelonis, Varvara Lagaki, Georgios Siltzovalis, Margarita Efstathiou, Pavlos Koseoglu, Dennis Bonatsos, Andriana Martinou, Nikolay Minkov, Nicolae Marginean, Constantin Mihai, Nicoleta Florea, Sorin Ujeniuc, Andrei Tuturica, Cristian Costache, Radu Mihai, Lucian Stan, Dan Filipescu, Sebastian Toma, Ioana Gheorghe, Irina Dinescu, Alina Ionescu, Liviu Stoica, Stefana Calinescu, Andreea Oprea, Alexandru Stoica, Christophe Sotty, Cristina Clisu, Cristina Nita, Catalin Neascu

NEAR at n_TOF/CERN: Preparing the first multi-foil activation measurement

Styliani Goula, Nikolas Patronis, Maria-Elisso Stamati, Sotirios Chasapoglou, Maria Diakaki, Nicola Colonna, Zinovia Eleme, Efstathia Georgali, Michael Kokkoris, Alberto Mengoni, Veatriki Michalopoulou, Maria Peoviti, Rosa Vlastou

Validation of Empirical Formulas for Spallation Residue Production in 0.3A-1.5A GeV 56Fe+p Reactions

Nikolaos George Nicolis, Theodora-Ilektra Katsigianni, Kostantinos Korakas, Athanasia Miliadou, Diamantis Tasioudis

Cross Section Measurements of (n,x) Reactions at 17.9 MeV Using Highly Enriched Ge Isotopes

Sotirios Chasapoglou, Michael Axiotis, George Gkatis, Sotirios Harissopulos, Michael Kokkoris, Anastasios Lagoyannis, Claudia Lederer-Woods, Veatriki Michalopoulou, Marilia I. Savva, Ion E. Stamatelatos, Athanasios Stamatopoulos, Theodora Vasilopoulou, Rosa Vlastou

R-matrix Calculations for Proton Elastic Scattering on natMg in the Energy Range E = 2.45 - 4.25 MeV, Suitable for EBS

Fotis Maragkos, Eleni Alvanou, Michail Axiotis, Natalia Bligoura, Sotirios Harissopulos, Michail Kokkoris, Anastasios Lagoyannis, Eleni Ntemou, Konstantinos Preketes - Sigalas

Measurement of the 230Th(n,f) cross-section at the CERN n_TOF facility

Veatriki Michalopoulou, Maria Diakaki, Zinovia Eleme, Michael Kokkoris, Nikolaos Patronis, Athanasios Stamatopoulos, Andrea Tsinganis, Roza Vlastou, n_TOF collaboration

Temperature-dependent relative self-absorption measurements in 27Al

Pavlos Koseoglou, M. L. Cortés, J. Isaak, V. Werner, O. Papst, J. Kleemann, M. Beuschlein, N. Pietralla, U. Ahmed, K. E. Ide, I. Jurosevic, C. Nickel, M. Spall, T. Stetz, R. Zidarova

Unitary limit in heavy nuclei

Panagiotis E. Georgoudis

A new approach for indirect capture measurements: The DICER neutron transmission station at LANSCE

Athanasios Stamatopoulos, Paul Koehler, Aaron Couture, Brad DiGiovine, Gencho Rusev, John Ullmann

Studying the speed of sound of dense nuclear matter via the tidal deformability of neutron stars

Alkiviadis Kanakis-Pegios, Polychronis Koliogiannis, Charalampos Moustakidis

Microscopic Description of Multinucleon Transfer in 40Ar + 64Ni collisions at 15 MeV/nucleon

Konstantina Palli, George Souliotis, Ioannis Dimitropoulos, Theodoros Depastas, Olga Fasoula, Stergios Koulouris, Martin Veselsky, Aldo Bonasera

Comparison of Real and Generated by MCNP Simulation Spectrums for Validation of Neutron Activation Calculations

Angelos Markopoulos, Dimitrios Mavrikis, Eleni Ntalla, Alexandra Ioannidou, Anastasia Savidou

Characterisation of the new HPGe detectors at INPP/NCSR “Demokritos”... and future (n,2n) reactions to be studied

Maria Peoviti, Michail Axiotis, Efstathia Georgali, Sotirios Harissopulos, Anastasios Lagoyannis, Nikolaos Patronis

Compton Suppressed Gamma Spectrometry for activation analysis of materials irradiated at JET

Marilia I. Savva, Theodora Vasilopoulou, Chantal R. Nobs, Lee W. Packer, Ion E. Stamatelatos

In Depth Analysis of a Sediment Core from North Aegean Sea

Iason Mitsios, Filothei Pappa, Dionisis Patiris, Panagiota Rouni, Marios Anagnostakis, Christos Tsabaris

Review of technical-economic trends for currently operating nuclear power reactors

Electra D. Poulopoulou, Dimitrios Mitrakos, Nick P. Petropoulos

Empirical Description of Isotope Production in 0.01-2.5GeV p+natFe Reactions

Kostantinos Korakas, Athanasia Miliadou, Theodora-Ilektra Katsigianni, Diamantis Tasioudis, Nikolaos George Nicolis

Study of the 3H(p,n)3He neutron producing reaction at N.C.S.R. “Demokritos” – Application on the 232Th(n,f) reaction

Georgios Gkatis, Veatriki Michalopoulou, Sotiris Chasapoglou, Roza Vlastou, Mike Kokkoris, Mike Axiotis, Anastasios Lagoyannis

Study of the Elastic Scattering in the d + 11B system for EBS purposes

Theofanis Tsakiris, Michael Kokkoris, Fotis Maragkos, Anastasia Ziagkova, Nikolaos Dimitrakopoulos, Matea Krmpotić, Donny Cosic, Georgios Provatas, Anastasios Lagoyannis

Study of the 176Hf(n,2n)175Hf cross section at 18.9 MeV

Eleni Tsivouraki, Sotirios Chasapoglou, Michalis Serris, Michael Axiotis, Georgios Gkatis, Sotirios Harissopulos, Michael Kokkoris, Anastasios Lagoyannis, Stavros Patas, Rosa Vlastou

Measurement of elastic backscattering differential cross sections for protons on natO in the energy range E= 4-6 MeV, suitable for EBS

Konstantinos Bosmpotinis, Michael Kokkoris, Anastasios Lagoyannis, Evangelia Taimpiri, Anastasia Ziagkova

Simulation of a MicroMegas detector for low-energy α-particle tracking using Garfield++

Marios Davis, Maria Diakaki, Michael Kokkoris, Veatriki Michalopoulou-Petropoulou, Roza Vlastou

Fast Neutron Activation Analysis at the NCSRD Tandem Accelerator facility: Prognosis and Optimization

Z. Bari, S. Chasapoglou, A. Kalamara, T. Vasilopoulou, M. Axiotis, A. Lagoyannis, M. Kokkoris, R. Vlastou, I.E. Stamatelatos

Neutron Dosimetry for In Vitro Biomedical Sample Irradiations

A. Kalamara, I.E. Stamatelatos, K.L. Stefanopoulos, M. Grigalavicious, T. Theodossiou, A. Lagoyannis

Thermochronometry of metamorphic rock complexes on the SE Peloponnese, Greece, using thermoluminescence (TL): preliminary experiments

Vasiliki Kanavou, Constantin Athanassas, Konstantinos Stamoulis, Xenophon Aslanoglou, Vasiliki Mouslopoulou

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