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Developing a Participatory Platform for Teaching Cultural Heritage in Informal Learning Environments: The Case Study of Culture Gate

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Zois Koukopoulos, Dimitrios Koukopoulos, George Koutromanos
Zois Koukopoulos, Dimitrios Koukopoulos, George Koutromanos


The purpose of this paper is to present the educational dimension of the Culture Gate platform and Culture Gate Collector application. Culture Gate is a multidisciplinary multipurpose online participatory platform for the management of cultural heritage digital content. A unique feature of the Culture Gate platform is that it enables any teacher or student to create, upload, share, and comment on a wide variety of cultural content ranging from theatre to music. The platform integrates several characteristics of well-known IT-ready educational theories, such as collaborative learning theory and constructivism theory. Furthermore, the platform possesses an application for smart devices (smartphone, tablet) known as Culture Gate Collector. Using this, students can collect content from formal and informal environments, edit it, and share their own cultural content that comes from the historical-cultural setting of the local community in which they live and operate. Culture Gate Collector can enhance mobile learning, as well as situated learning. This paper makes reference to the developmental philosophy behind Culture Gate and Culture Gate Collector, their educational and technical capabilities, and proposals for their optimal utilization in informal learning environments.

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Online participatory platform; teachers; students; cultural heritage digital content; formal and informal learning; mobile learning

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12681/elrie.2449

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