Computer games and interactive technologies in education: enhancing motivation and engagement for the ‘iLearner’ generation

Δημοσιευμένα: Σεπ 21, 2023
games-based learning alternate reality game Web 2.0
Mark Stansfield

This paper describes the work carried out by the ICT in Education research group at the University of the West of Scotland in using games-based learning and interactive technologies as a means of enriching and stimulating the learning experiences of students. This paper examines the contribution of games-based learning to education, highlighting how it enhances motivation and engagement for learners, as well as providing specific examples of games-based learning platforms and applications some of which have been developed and implemented by researchers from the ICT in Education research group led by Professor Thomas M Connolly. The paper will highlight some of the main advantages and problems associated with games-based learning, as well as highlighting a new project, the Web 2.0 European Resource Centre which is aimed at enabling the mass of educators who find ICT confusing and frightening to have a simple and secure environment to use ICT within their class. 

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