This is a periodical publication of the Association of Conservators-Restorers of Antiquities and Works of Art - Greece (ACAWA-GR), created for hosting the proceedings of the conference organized by the Association. 
The subjects of both the conferences and the proceedings are related to professional, legal as well as health and safety issues that interest conservators -restorers professionals of the cultural heritage and scientists of other specialties. 

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Τόμ. 1 Αρ. 1 (2022): Papers of the National Associations of E.C.C.O. - Ensuring high quality in safeguarding Cultural Heritage. The vital importance of protecting the title and regulating the profession of Conservation-Restoration in Europe

Δημοσιευμένα: 2023-10-03

This book contains the papers of E.C.C.O. national member associations that attended the presidents’ meeting and conference held in Athens by A.C.A.W.A.-Gr in May 2022.

This publication reflects the current educational level, legal context and working environment of conservator-restorers across Europe at a national level. Focusing on the existing structure, E.C.C.O. members introduce the challenges met in cultural heritage preservation and open the dialogue for a European framework in mutual recognition of the profession and quality standards.


Overview of the issues and challenges for the conservation-restoration profession in Greece

Zoi Sakki, Kanelli Kolyvodiakou, Michael Koufopoulos, Kalliopi Oreianou, Amalia Siatou, Dimitris Goulas

Diverse and dynamic Slovenia, towards the necessary changes

Martina Lesar Kikelj, Barbka Gosar Hirci, Jana Šubic Prislan, Lucija Močnik Ramovš, Borut Šantej

A brief look at the conservation-restoration profession in Spain

Ioanna Ruiz de Torres Moustaka, Sali Criado Martín, Marién González Añón, Pilar Vidal Meler

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