How do German schools cope with the Covid-19 pandemic? School during the corona pandemic in Germany

Δημοσιευμένα: Apr 21, 2021
Petra Bauer
Christine Isabella Kolb
Alexandra Wiedemann

This article points out how German schools deal with the Covid-19 pandemic during and after the first national wide lockdown in spring 2020. The article describes the steps taken by the German Government concerning measures to combat the corona pandemic and the associated development of the framework conditions for schools. The different perspectives of teachers, students and parents during this time are reviewed based on the following studies KiCo and JuCo, a nationwide online survey about experiences and perspectives of young people during the corona measures by the research association “Kindheit – Jugend – Familie in der Corona-Zeit” and JIMplus 2020, an additional corona survey on media handling during school closure by Medienpädagogischer Forschungsverbund Südwest (mpfs). Finally, there will be a discussion based on the representative study “Deutsches Schulbarometer Spezial” about how teachers cope with the new tasks related to the corona crisis.

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