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Η επίδραση της γονικής κατάθλιψης στην ψυχική υγεία των παιδιών

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Παρασκευή Κορωναίου, Alexandros - Stamatios Antoniou
Παρασκευή Κορωναίου, Alexandros - Stamatios Antoniou


The purpose of this research was to investigate the effects of depression on the mental health of their children, such as the risk of developing depression in adolescent and adulthood. Although the precise mechanisms of linking parental depression to child psychological problems are unknown, genetic and environmental factors seem to play an important role. Surveys have found that children whose parents were diagnosed with depression were two to three times more likely to develop mental problems than those whose parents did not have depression. Because of depression, the individual suffers in basic social and emotional areas and therefore parents with this disorder appear to have deficits in their interactions with their children, with negative consequences for the development of the latter. Parental depression may also affect children's behavior in indirect ways, such as intercourse and divorce in the family. With regard to mother, postpartum depression appears to have an important role, which may have later consequences for the behavior of girls and boys, and depression in the father is seen to have a greater impact on boys who are at greater risk of developing behavioral difficulties. In addition, the potential for emotional difficulties in children increases when the family coexists with both mental health and socio-economic problems, indicating that coping with the particular needs of these families is likely to prevent childhood mental problems. 


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γονική κατάθλιψη; γενετικοί και περιβαλλοντικοί παράγοντες; αλληλεπίδραση γονέων-παιδιών; ψυχική υγεία παιδιών

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12681/edusc.883

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