Web-based learning environments supporting socio-scientific decision making

Δημοσιευμένα: Σεπ 21, 2023
problem-based learning web-based learning environments inquiry socio-scientific topics
Iolie Nicolaidou
Georgia Michael
Eleni A. Kyza
Nikos Papadouris
Constantinos P. Constantinou
Vasilis Kolias
Itay Asher
Iris Tabak

In recent years, the rapid progress in science and technology tends to bring about dilemmas on a range of socio-scientific issues. Thus, science education needs to prepare students to deal with such issues in an informed manner. In this paper, four learning environments (LEs) addressing topical socio-scientific issues (i.e. biotechnology, climate change, the impact of fog on human life and nicotine addiction) are presented. The data-rich environments are hosted on the STOCHASMOS web-based teaching and learning platform which offers adjustable scaffolding tools for students’ inquiry. Each of the LEs was designed and implemented in authentic classroom settings of public and private schools of Cyprus’ (n=121) and Israel’s (n=40) secondary education and of Greece’s primary education (n=53). Data collection tools included pre-post tests and observations. Results from the implementation of these LEs are also presented.

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