Digital competence assessment and teaching strategies in the knowledge society

Δημοσιευμένα: Σεπ 21, 2023
digital competence interactive whiteboard knowledge society learning object teaching – learning strategies
Antonio Cartelli

The paper first shows the features of the InnovaScuola project, which aims at introducing new technologies and teaching innovation in Italian Primary School and Junior High School; the analysis of the sample of the teachers involved in the project and the description of the activities planned and carried out in cooperation with the Laboratory of teaching and learning technologies follow. Soon after the problems evidenced from students while approaching discipline structured knowledge are reported, the need for digital literacy is discussed, a framework for digital competence assessment is described and the results from a survey on digital competence assessment are analyzed. At last the discussion on the instruments and strategies used during the teachers’ training activity is reported. Among other things the importance of the problem solving strategies for the improvement of everyday teaching are highlighted and the functions of problem searching, problem finding and problem building are proposed for teachers.

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