Restrictions and abilities of SCORM adoption by Adaptive Educational Hypermedia Systems

Δημοσιευμένα: Sep 21, 2023
AEHS LMS SCORM adaptive educational hypermedia systems
Ioannis Kazanidis
Maya Satratzemi

Both Learning Management Systems (LMSs) and Adaptive Educational Hypermedia Systems (AEHSs) are used for online instruction. However, LMSs do not offer personalized instruction, while AEHs provide few of the LMSs functionalities and their educational content is hard to access or be reused by other systems and platforms. As a solution to these problems research proposes the use of technological standards, like SCORM, for the creation of educational material. Nevertheless, SCORM adoption incurs some restrictions to systems’ design and provided adaptivity. This work attempts to contribute to this research area, investigating the restrictions and the capabilities that arise from the combined use of AEHSs technologies with the provision of LMSs features and the adoption of SCORM.

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