School 2.0 – rethinking the future of schools in the digital age

Δημοσιευμένα: Sep 21, 2023
School 2.0 technology reschooling deschooling
Neil Selwyn

What future is there for formal schools and schooling in an increasingly digital age? Are educational technologists justified in arguing for the re-construction of school processes and practices along digital lines? Do contemporary digital technologies simply render the educational institution entirely obsolete? This paper outlines – and then critiques - the radical forms of digital ‘re-schooling’ and ‘de-schooling’ that are often argued for within current academic debates over educational technology community. Instead the paper explores a number of opportunities for using digital technologies to work with schools as they currently are, rather than against them. In particular an ‘agenda for adjustment’ is presented that, if implemented, could see schools revitalised as sites of innovative, imaginative and empowering digital technology use.

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