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Interdisciplinary Psychosocial Support for Refugees: Recommendations for Policy Makers in Europe

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Sarah Scheer, Eirini Adamopoulou, Ramona Grützner, Salvador Simo, Margarita Mondaca
Sarah Scheer, Eirini Adamopoulou, Ramona Grützner, Salvador Simo, Margarita Mondaca


The scientific report presents policy recommendations for the interdisciplinary psychosocial support of refugees that were developed by "InterAct - Interdisciplinary cooperation in psychosocial interventions", a European Erasmus+ project between higher education institutions in Germany, Greece, Spain, and Sweden.  The InterAct interdisciplinary team conducted interviews and focus groups with 28 refugees in various stages of resettlement, 30 students from health care and social science training programs and 23 practitioners from the fields of mental health, education, community-based practices, employment, higher education, and asylum services in different European countries. An iterative qualitative approach was applied considering already existing policy recommendations at a global level regarding psychosocial support for refugees. The policy recommendations that emerged are categorized in six key areas: a) human rights, b) participation, inclusive communities and citizenship, c) well-being, d) education, e) access to meaningful occupations, and f) sustainable approaches and solutions. The policy recommendations are illustrated by Current Situations, which describe the current challenges in the psychosocial support for refugees that stemmed from the interviews. In addition, the policy recommendations emphasize the interdisciplinary collaboration in the psychosocial support and address the life trajectory of refugees in a comprehensive sense. The aim is to create inclusive communities with equal opportunities for all to develop, learn, work as well participate in the local communities.

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interdisciplinary collaboration; psychosocial support; policy recommendations; refugees

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12681/edusc.3444

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