Stimulation of executive functions with embedded preliteracy skills in high ability preschoolers: An educational software

Δημοσιευμένα: Ιαν 10, 2022
Executive functions preliteracy high ability preschoolers Cogni-PreLit
Eleni Rachanioti
Tharrenos Bratitsis
Anastasia Alevriadou
Konstantinos Manousaridis

The predictive role of the three core executive function components-working memory, inhibition and cognitive flexibility-on later academic achievement has long been examined and confirmed. Additionally, research evidence indicates that executive functions rapidly advance in the preschool years and they interrelate with preliteracy skills. High ability preschoolers manifest a great variability on neuropsychological measures and phonological awareness within their population, despite their intelligence quotient scores in the above average range. This paper presents the Gogni-PreLit (Cognition and Preliterature) application, an educational training software which stimulates core executive functions with embedded preliteracy activities. It was developed to meet the needs of high ability preschoolers whose education calls for enrichment, with a focus on phonological awareness. The user’s interface, the application flow, with details for each step, the type of data stored in a central database after each training session and a game example are described.

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