Vol. 23 (2015): HNPS2015

Published: 2019-03-08

Proceedings of the 24th Annual Symposium of the Hellenic Nuclear Physics Society, organized by the University of Ioannina on 22 and 23 May 2015 in Ioannina.

New Instruments for Nuclear Astrophysics

M. Axiotis, A. Lagoyannis, G. Provatas, V. Foteinou, A. Karydas, V. Kantarelou, D. Bazzacco, C. R. Alvarez, D. R. Napoli, R. Menegazzo, S. V. Harrisopulos

A review of the fission programme at the CERN n_TOF facility

A. Tsinganis, for the n_TOF Collaboration

Neutron induced fission cross-section of 240Pu(n,f): first results from n_TOF (CERN) Experimental Area II

A. Tsinganis, A. Stamatopoulos, N. Colonna, R. Vlastou, P. Schillebeeckx, A. Plompen, J. Heyse, M. Kokkoris, M. Barbagallo, E. Berthoumieux, M. Calviani, E. Chiaveri, and the n_TOF Collaboration

Determination of the Neutron Beam Spatial Profile at n_TOF EAR-2 using the CR-39 Track Detectors

Z. Eleme, M. Alexandropoulou, A. Georgiadou, K. G. Ioannides, M. Kokkoris, N. Patronis, A. Stamatopoulos, K. C. Stamoulis, A. Tsinganis, R. Vlastou, and the n_TOF Collaboration

Neutron Beam Characterization at the Athens Tandem Accelerator NCSR “Demokritos”

R. Vlastou, D. Sigalas, A. Kalamara, M. Kokkoris, M. Anastasiou, M. Diakaki, M. Axiotis, A. Lagoyannis

Activation cross section of the (n,2n) reaction on Hf isotopes

A. Kalamara, M. Serris, A. Spiliotis, D. Sigalos, N. Patronis, M. Kokkoris, M. Diakaki, M. Axiotis, A. Lagoyannis, R. Vlastou

Preanalysis of Neutron Activation Measurements in Shielding Penetrations at JET

I. E. Stamatelatos, T. Vasilopoulou, P. Batistoni, S. Conroy, B. Obryk, S. Popovichev

Atomic Physics at the 5 MV Tandem at Demokritos: the UoC APAPES project

I. Madesis, A. Dimitriou, S. Doukas, A. Laoutaris, C. Nounis, A. Lagoyannis, M. Axiotis, T. J. Mertzimekis, S. Harrisopulos, O. Sise, E. P. Benis, B. Sulik, T. J. M. Zouros

Prediction of high-K isomeric states in transactinide nuclei close to N=162

V. Prassa, B.-N. Lu, T. Niksic, D. Ackermann, D. Vretenar

Temporal variation of 137Cs profiles in Lemnos deep basin, North Aegean Sea, Greece

F. K. Pappa, G. A. Kyriakidis, C. Tsabaris, D. L. Patiris, E. G. Androulakaki, H. Kaberi, V. Zervakis, M. Kokkoris, R. Vlastou, E. Krasakopoulou

Dose Distribution near Tissue In-homogeneities in Megavoltage Radiation Therapy

E. Katsarou, K. Karava, I. E. Stamatelatos, J. Kalef-Ezra

R-mode constraints from neutron star equation of state

Ch. C. Moustakidis, M. C. Papazoglou

Bremsstrahlung Spectra Characterization by Photo-Activation: Preliminary Results

E. Ntalla, T. Vasilopoulou, P. Georgolopoulou, I. E. Stamatelatos

Computational study of the neutron flux produced by the 2H(d,n)3He reaction

G. Marangouli, M. Kokkoris, A. Lagoyannis, N. Patronis, R. Vlastou, M. Diakaki

Modeling radiative proton-capture reactions in mid-heavy nuclei

E. Batziou, V. Koutsilianou, L. Stavropoulos, A. Psaltis, T. J. Mertzimekis

The Athens Mobile γ-Spectrometry System (AMESOS)

A. Karailias, V. Lagaki, C. Katsiva, A. Kanellakopoulos, T. J. Mertzimekis, F. C. Kafantaris, A. Godelitsas

A Preliminary Study of Mosses as Biomonitors of 137Cs Activity in the Air of Ioannina City

K. Stamoulis, M. Alexandropoulou, S Petsios, C. A. Papachristodoulou, C. Papadopoulou, K. G. Ioannides

Measurement of radionuclides and trace metals concentration in surface sediments from the coastal zone of Lavreotiki peninsula

V. Michalopoulou-Petropoulou, C. Tsabaris, D. L. Patiris, E. G. Androulakaki, G. Eleftheriou, M. Kokkoris, F. K. Pappa, R. Vlastou

MCNP model of the EEAE ACCUSCAN Whole Body Counter

N. Sarlikiotis, C. Potiriadis, M. Nikolaki, I. E. Stamatelatos