Preparing Phase 4 of the n_TOF/CERN facility

HNPS2021 Proceedings Cover
Published: Oct 17, 2022
Maria-Elisso Stamati
Nikolas Patronis
Michael Bacak
Simone Amaducci
Adria Casanovas Hoste
Francisco Garcia Infantes
Alice Manna
Alberto Mengoni
Jose Antonio Pavon Rodriguez
Antonio Javier Praena Rodriguez
Michele Spelta

After CERN’s Long Shutdown 2, the n_TOF facility infrastructure was largely upgraded. The biggest change is the installation of a new lead spallation target, the performance of which needs to be carefully examined. During Summer 2021, the facility’s two flight paths were characterised in terms of neutron beam energy distribution, profile and resolution. In this work, the characterisation of the facility is described and the first results are given.

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