A Review of Americanism Codes in The Americans

Salih Ocakoğlu
The Americans manufactured by Swiss photographer Robert Frank. The Americans has been the most popular in the social context in many of his albums. The use of methods beyond the age of both content and form in the photographs in the album has caused criticism by American citizens and photographers. While the contextual codes are criticized for being perceived as insult by American individuals, the radical changes in the formal form of the photographs in the album (some of the photos are skewed, some of the photographs are lacking and some of them lack the frame) have been tried as freaks by art critics. This is how Robert Frank created the economic infrastructure of his work by getting a scholarship from many institutions before he began to shoot. The Americans album, which requires a very large process both temporarily and spatially. In all the states of the United States, Frank tried to explain Americanism in his photographs rather than in America. In other words, he has photographed how the United States' political, social, economic and cultural structure is represented by individuals and how it is reflected in the Americanism code. In this study, photographs selected in the American Americans album, including the American sample code, are examined. These photographs are analyzed both in terms of content and form by using semiotic analysis method. After the analysis, the structure of the building is evaluated and the meaning of the codes in the photos is examined and interpreted.
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