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Implementation and optimisation of an e-Learning Community for Language Teachers

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This paper seeks to represent the development and implementation of the e-learning community Routes in Teaching Modern Greek as a Second/Foreign Language, since 2015 to present. The above program constitutes a professional training program addressed to current or future teachers of Modern Greek as second/foreign language, started in 2007 (Yψηλάντης, 2008) and constantly reviewed and enriched up to 2015 (Kokkinidou et al., 2014). The program is based on (a) the theoretical principles of distance learning (Λιοναράκης, 2001) related with adult education (Κόκκος, 2005), (b) experimental knowledge (2007-2015) and (c) on the statute's role of the Centre for the Greek Language as it concerns teaching Modern Greek in Greece and abroad. More specifically, we focus on the optimisation process undertaken in Routes in Teaching Modern Greek as a Second/Foreign Language latest version.

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distance training program; e-learning community; adult education; teaching Modern Greek as L2;professional training program; video conference;collaborative activities;interaction

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12681/icodl.1140

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