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Near and far - Learning despite corona distance

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Birgit Albaner, Oliver Kastner- Hauler, Karin Tengler
Birgit Albaner, Oliver Kastner- Hauler, Karin Tengler


Studying at schools and Universities of Education has changed since the beginning of March 2020. Due to requirements to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, the course of study had to be temporarily changed completely to distance learning, which demanded a high degree of adaptation and change motivation from teaching staff and students. One challenge for teachers was to provide efficient online learning with meaningful activities in such a way that the students do not lose focus on their learning goals, their motivation is kept up and communication is maintained. In order to offer schools, teachers and parents appropriate support for learning at home, during and after the corona crisis, a rich online platform was developed by lecturers of the University of Education. As an illustration, a practical adoption is shown of how to transform a course originally planned face-to-face to a blended learning version. The used combination of the elements -flipped classroom video, MOOC, recording, chat and an online portal as repository- are used for the course “Computational Thinking with a single-board computing device” will be presented. As a further initiative, a model which originates from an Erasmus+ project will be introduced. The objective of this model, the Educational Pyramid Structure, is to bring tools and methods into the education system quickly, with the greatest possible outcome and sustainability. In this context the use of Learning Flips will be displayed, which are to be produced at all levels of the school system (teacher educators, students, teachers, pupils). Centrally, this contribution will outline the overarching online platform and the results of a study conducted as part of the research project "Learning despite corona".

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12681/online-edu.3219

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