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Management Performance Evaluation - The Case of Social Solidarity Hospitals

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Richard-Nicolas LACROIX, John Filos
Richard-Nicolas LACROIX, John Filos


Hospitals performance can be evaluated at Board, Management and Employee Levels.  “For profit focused” privately operated hospitals tend to be budget efficient; yet, their refusal to treat non-insured/non-paying patients while maximizing profit versus the sufficient essential make them clinically less efficient.  Bureaucratic Public Hospitals, while efficient on the treatment side, are a blank check in the budget balancing area.  Studies suggest: The Social Solidarity Hospitals, while funded by capital earned from profit making enterprises and donations and volunteers work, seem to offer better value for money than alternatives. Information showing how decisions are made and with which criteria boards are being evaluated, is a gap in current academic literature.  Further research is needed on Hospitals board performance evaluation criteria and KPIs.  The SMMM tool based on the Data Envelopment Methodology is used to evaluate board performance and examples of social solidarity hospitals good practices from Greece are presented.

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Performance Management Evaluation; Social Solidarity Hospitals; SMMM tool

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12681/elrie.818

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