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Vol 18 (2010): HNPS2010 Detailed calculations for muon capture rates within the quasi-particle RPA Abstract   PDF
I. S. Kardaras, V. N. Stavrou, I. G. Tsoulos, T. S. Kosmas
Vol 21 (2013): HNPS2013 Detailed Spectroscopic Studies in the Aquatic Environment Using Synchrotron Radiation Abstract   PDF
N. Moraitis, K. Vassalos, T. J. Mertzimekis, A. Godelitsas, P. Gamaletsos, J. Goettlicher, R. Steininger
Vol 17 (2009): HNPS2009 Detection of plated-out radon progenies on CR-39 detectors Abstract   PDF
D. L. Patiris, K. G. Ioannides, C. Tsabaris
Vol 13 (2004): HNPS2004 Determination of 137Cs in Sea Water Samples Using Gamma Spectrometry Abstract   PDF
N. Evaggeliou, Ch. Lykomitrou, A. Zafiropoulou
Vol 24 (2016): HNPS2016 Determination of 7Be, 210Pb and 22Na Activity in Air and Rainwater samples by Gamma-ray Spectroscopy Abstract   PDF
M. Savva, M. Anagnostakis
Vol 3 (1992): HNPS1992 Determination of Dipole Polarization Effects in 7Li and 11Li Abstract   PDF
L. D. Skouras, H. Muther, M. A. Nagarajan
Vol 6 (1995): HNPS1995 Determination of light elements using the RBS method Abstract   PDF
M. Kokkoris, Ch. Zarkadas, S. Harissopulos, E. Kossionides, T. Paradellis
Vol 3 (1992): HNPS1992 Determination of Light Elements (Z<15) by PIGE Spectroscopy Abstract   PDF
A. Savidou, T. Paradellis, X. Aslanoglou, M. Pilakouta
Vol 10 (1999): HNPS1999 Determination of Sulfur and Copper Profile with nuclear reactions Abstract   PDF
S. Kossionides, G. Kaliambakos, R. Vlastou, C. T. Papadopoulos
Vol 7 (1996): HNPS1996 Determination of the Harmonic Oscillator Energy Level Spacing for Atomic Clusters Abstract   PDF
M. E. Grypeos, B. A. Kotsos
Vol 23 (2015): HNPS2015 Determination of the Neutron Beam Spatial Profile at n_TOF EAR-2 using the CR-39 Track Detectors Abstract   PDF
Z. Eleme, M. Alexandropoulou, A. Georgiadou, K. G. Ioannides, M. Kokkoris, N. Patronis, A. Stamatopoulos, K. C. Stamoulis, A. Tsinganis, R. Vlastou, and the n_TOF Collaboration
Vol 25 (2017): HNPS2017 Determining the positron lifetime of a material using Positron Annihilation Lifetime Spectroscopy Abstract   PDF
K. Triantou, K. Mergia, I. E. Stamatelatos, G. Apostolopoulos, S. Messoloras
Vol 25 (2017): HNPS2017 Developing a Monte-Carlo solver for the simulation of the reactor core dynamics Abstract   PDF
A. G. Mylonakis, M. Varvayanni, N. Catsaros, A. Clouvas
Vol 10 (1999): HNPS1999 Developing HTML-based courses concerning training in Atomic and Nuclear Physics applied in modern Medical Technology Abstract   PDF
B. Spyropoulos
Vol 26 (2018): HNPS2018 Development of a low–cost γ–ray spectrometry PMT adapter Abstract   PDF
C. Andrikopoulos, G. Zagoraios, T. J. Mertzimekis, E. Tsilis, H. E. Nistazakis
Vol 25 (2017): HNPS2017 Development of a novel neutron detector for fusion - Preliminary results Abstract   PDF
M. Savva, T. Vasilopoulou, K. Triantou, K. Mergia, I. E. Stamatelatos, et al.
Vol 16 (2008): HNPS2008 Development of a portable micro-XRF spectrometer and its application for the characterization of ancient and historical metal alloys Abstract   PDF
V. Kantarelou, D. Sokaras, Ch. Zarkadas, A.-G. Karydas
Vol 26 (2018): HNPS2018 Development of a pulse reconstruction routine for Transistor-Reset Preamplifiers for (n,xn) measurements using HPGe detectors at the n_TOF facility at CERN Abstract   PDF
A. Stamatopoulos, M. Kokkoris, R. Vlastou, N. Patronis, L. Tassan-Got, D. Bosnar, A. Tsinganis, M. Diakaki, P. Zugec, T. Glodariu, A. Negret, The nTOF collaboration
Vol 24 (2016): HNPS2016 Development of a simulation code for material analysis using the PIGE technique Abstract   PDF
K. Preketes-Sigalas, A. Lagoyannis, M. Axiotis
Vol 26 (2018): HNPS2018 Development of techniques based on Monte Carlo simulations for clearance of Co-57 and Ge-68/Ga-68 sealed radioactive sources Abstract   PDF
Tatiana Siarafera, Eleni Ntalla, Dimitris Mavrikis, Angelos Markopoulos, Alexandra Ioannidou, Anastasia Savvidou
Vol 11 (2002): HNPS2000 and HNPS2002 Development of X-ray fluorescence methods by use of a Mo X-ray tube and their application in the case of biological samples Abstract   PDF
Ch. Zarkadas, A. G. Karydas, T. Paradellis
Vol 15 (2006): HNPS2006 Differential Cross Section Measurements of the $^{12}C(d,p_{1,2,3})^{13}C$ Reaction, in the Energy Range E$_{d,lab}$= 900-2000 keV, Suitable for NRA Abstract   PDF
M. Kokkoris, R. Vlastou, C. T. Papadopoulos, A. Kontos, P. Misaelides, A. Lagoyannis, S. Harrisopulos
Vol 26 (2018): HNPS2018 Differential Cross Sections of 9Be(d,p0)10Be, 9Be(d,p1)10Be, 9Be(d,α0)7Li and 9Be(d,α1)7Li reactions Abstract   PDF
P. Tsavalas, A. Lagoyannis, K. Mergia, E. Ntemou, C. P. Lungu
Vol 20 (2012): HNPS2012 Differential cross-section measurements for the 7Li(p,p0)7Li, 7Li(p,p1)7Li, 7Li(p,α0)4He, 19F(p,p0)19F, 19F(p,α0)16O and 19F(p,α1,2)16O reactions Abstract   PDF
V. Paneta, A. Lagoyannis, A. Kafkarkou, M. Kokkoris
Vol 14 (2005): HNPS2005 Direct dark matter research by observing electrons produced in neutralino-nucleus collisions Abstract   PDF
Ch. C. Moustakidis, J. D. Vergados, H. Ejiri
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