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Vol 26 (2018): HNPS2018 Rare Isotope Production in peripheral heavy-ion collisions at beam energy of 15 MeV/nucleon Abstract   PDF
O. Fasoula, G. A. Souliotis, K. Tshoo, S. C. Jeong, B. H. Kang, Y. K. Kwon, M. Veselsky, A. Bonasera
Vol 24 (2016): HNPS2016 Rare Isotope Production in peripheral heavy-ion collisions in the energy range 15-25 MeV/nucleon Abstract   PDF
A. Papageorgiou, G. A. Souliotis, Y. K. Kwon, K. Tshoo, S. C. Jeong, M. Veselsky, A. Bonasera
Vol 13 (2004): HNPS2004 Realistic Calculations for Cold Dark Matter Detection Rates Abstract   PDF
T. S. Kosmas, M. Kortelainen, J. Suhonen, J. Toivanen
Vol 5 (1994): HNPS1994 Recent Developments in High Temperature Thermodynamic Properties of Nuclear Reactor Oxide Fuel Abstract   PDF
C. Ronchi
Vol 9 (1998): HNPS1998 Recent highlights on neutrino-nucleus interactions Abstract   PDF
E. Kolbe, T. S. Kosmas
Vol 19 (2011): HNPS2011 Recent sedimentation rates using 210Pb and 137Cs vertical profiles of core sediments at the Gulf of Corinth, Litochoro Coast and Marmara Sea Abstract   PDF
D. Papageorgiou, G. Eleftheriou, D. L. Patiris, D. Sakellariou, C. Tsabaris, M. Kokkoris, R. Vlastou
Vol 1 (1990): HNPS1990 Relative probability of recoilless Λ-production in nuclei in the plane-wave impulse approximation Abstract   PDF
M. E. Grypeos, G. A. Lalazissis, S. E. Massen, C. P. Panos
Vol 5 (1994): HNPS1994 Relativistic Expressions for the r.m.s. Radii of the λ-Particle Orbits in Hypernuclei and of the Corresponding Potential Energies Abstract   PDF
G. J. Papadopoulos, C. G. Koutroulos, M. E. Grypeos
Vol 15 (2006): HNPS2006 Relativistic Hartree Bogoliubov model with Density Dependent meson-nucleon couplings Abstract   PDF
G. A. Lalazissis, T. Niksic, D. Vretenar, P. Ring
Vol 13 (2004): HNPS2004 Relativistic Hartree-Bogoliubov description of deformed light nuclei Abstract   PDF
G. A. Lalazissis, D. Vretenar, P. Ring
Vol 25 (2017): HNPS2017 Release of the Radiochemical Lab at the Tandem Accelerator Building Abstract   PDF
I. Karachristou, E. Ntalla, A. Savidou
Vol 24 (2016): HNPS2016 Remote radiological assessment in the marine environment: A pilot study based on Cs-137 measurements and satellite observations in the Aegean Sea Abstract   PDF
G. Mavrokefalou, H. Florou, O. Sykioti
Vol 25 (2017): HNPS2017 Resistivity Recovery Stages of Proton Irradiated EUROFER97 Steel Abstract   PDF
A. Theodorou, Z. Kotsina, G. Apostolopoulos, M. Axiotis, A. Lagoyannis, S. Harissopulos
Vol 24 (2016): HNPS2016 Resurrected from the dead: Full characterization of an old HPGe detector using γ-ray and CT tomographies coupled to standard calibration techniques and simulations Abstract   PDF
V. Angelopoulou, E. Kouvaris, V. Lagaki, T. J. Mertzimekis, P. Papagiannis
Vol 16 (2008): HNPS2008 Revisited solar neutrino fluxes and CNO-cycle lifetimes using recent cross-section factor data from pp-chain reactions Abstract   PDF
G. I. Karathanou, V. Tsikoudi, Th. Liolios, T. S. Kosmas
Vol 23 (2015): HNPS2015 RICOCHET: A quick-and-dirty approach to analyze μ-XRF synchrotron data using open-source utilities Abstract   PDF
E. Mitsi, T. J. Mertzimekis
Vol 23 (2015): HNPS2015 R-mode constraints from neutron star equation of state Abstract   PDF
Ch. C. Moustakidis, M. C. Papazoglou
Vol 3 (1992): HNPS1992 Root mean square radii of the Λ-particle orbits in hypernuclei using potentials of orthogonal shape in arelativistic treatment Abstract   PDF
C. G. Koutroulos, G. J. Papadopoulos
X. Aslanoglou, M. Pilakouta, P. Aloupogiannis, A. Travlos
Vol 13 (2004): HNPS2004 Screened alpha decay in Dense Astrophysical Plasmas and Superstrong Magnetic Fields Abstract   PDF
Th. E. Liolios
Vol 11 (2002): HNPS2000 and HNPS2002 Screening effects on resonant thermonuclear reaction rates Abstract   PDF
T. Liolios, K. Langanke, W. Wiescher
Vol 18 (2010): HNPS2010 Search for E(5) Symmetry in 102Pd Abstract   PDF
S. F. Ashley, ... et al.
Vol 16 (2008): HNPS2008 Search for exotic nuclear breakup configurations in Au+Au collisions Abstract   PDF
A. Sochocka, A. Benisz, P. Hachaj, N. G. Nicolis, R. Planeta, Z. Starypan
Vol 13 (2004): HNPS2004 Searches for the Σ-nucleus Potential Abstract   PDF
Th. Petridou
Vol 13 (2004): HNPS2004 Searching for a Global alpha-nucleus Potential for Astrophysical Applications Abstract   PDF
A. Spyrou, A. Lagoyannis, Ch. Zarkadas, S. Harissopulos, H.-W. Becker, C. Rolfs, P. Demetriou
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