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Vol 4 (1993): HNPS1993 Generalized deformed SU(2) algebras in Nuclear Physics Abstract   PDF
Dennis Bonatsos, C. Daskaloyannis, P. Kolokotronis
Vol 3 (1992): HNPS1992 g-factors of some excited states in 49,50Cr Abstract   PDF
A. A. Pakou, J. Billowes, A. W. Mountford, C. Tenreiro, D. D. Warner
Vol 13 (2004): HNPS2004 Global predictions for astrophysics applications Abstract   PDF
P. Demetriou
Vol 19 (2011): HNPS2011 Group contractions and conformal maps in nuclear structure models Abstract   PDF
Dennis Bonatsos
Vol 6 (1995): HNPS1995 Heavy Ion RBS Characterization of Multilayer Coatings Deposited on Glass Through the Sol-Gel Technique Abstract   PDF
X. Aslanoglou, P. A. Assimakopoulos, C. Trapalis, G. Kordas, M. A. Karakassides, M. Pilakouta
Vol 26 (2018): HNPS2018 Heavy metals and radionuclides concentrations in mosses from the region of Northern Greece Abstract   PDF
Ch. Betsou, M. Frontasyeva, E. Tsakiri, J. Hansman, N. Kazakis, A. Vasilev, M. Krmar, A. Ioannidou
Vol 9 (1998): HNPS1998 Heavy-ion RBS characterization of multilayer TiNx-SiO2-Si structures Abstract   PDF
X. Aslanoglou, E. Evangelou, N. Konofaos, Ch. Dimitriades, E. Kossionides, G. Kaliampakos
Vol 21 (2013): HNPS2013 High energy fission cross sections induced by deuteron on 232Th and proton on natPb targets Abstract   PDF
M. Zamani, S. Stoulos, M. Fragopoulou, M. Krivopustov
Vol 18 (2010): HNPS2010 High sensitive depleted MOSFET-based neutron dosimetry Abstract   PDF
M. Fragopoulou, V. Konstantakos, M. Zamani, S. Siskos, T. Laopoulos, G. Sarrabayrouse
Vol 6 (1995): HNPS1995 High spin levels in 119Te Abstract   PDF
C. T. Papadopoulos, - et al.
Vol 4 (1993): HNPS1993 High Spin States in 193Hg Abstract   PDF
N. Fotiades, - et al.
Vol 3 (1992): HNPS1992 High spin states of 195Hg Abstract   PDF
Ν. Fotiades, S. Harissopulos, C. A. Kalfas, S. Kossionides, M. Serris, C. T. Papadopoulos, R. Vlastou, P. Fallon, S. M. Mullins, M. A. Rilley, J. F. Sharpey-Schaffer
Vol 6 (1995): HNPS1995 High Spin Structure of 122Xe Abstract   PDF
M. Serris, - et al.
Vol 3 (1992): HNPS1992 High spin structure of 155Dy Abstract   PDF
C. T. Papadopoulos, R. Vlastou, M. Serris, C. A. Kalfas, N. Fotiades, S. Harissopulos, S. Kosslonides, M. A. Rilley, J. Simpson, E. S. Paul, J. F. Sharpey-Schafer
Vol 2 (1991): HNPS1991 HIGH SPIN STRUCTURE OF 173Os Abstract   PDF
R. Vlastou, C. T. Papadopoulos, C. A. Kalfas, S. Kossionides, L. Hildingsson, W. Klamra, Th. Lindbland, C. G. Linden, R. Wyss
Vol 21 (2013): HNPS2013 High-energy neutron facility at the Athens Tandem Accelerator NCSR “Demokritos” Abstract   PDF
R. Vlastou, M. Anastasiou, A. Kalamara, M. Diakaki, M. Kokkoris, V. Paneta, M. Axiotis, A. Lagoyannis, N. G. Nicolis, M. Serris
Vol 5 (1994): HNPS1994 High-spin phenomena in 194Hg Abstract   PDF
N. Fotiades, - et al.
Vol 15 (2006): HNPS2006 Identification of unknown nuclear material Abstract   PDF
J. G. Fantidis, G. E. Nikolaou, F. N. Tsagas
Vol 20 (2012): HNPS2012 Image Reconstruction in the Positron Emission Tomography Abstract   PDF
M. Zioga, A. Nikopoulou, M. Alexandridi, D. Maintas, M. Mikeli, A.-N. Rapsomanikis, E. Stiliaris
Vol 26 (2018): HNPS2018 Improved calibration for non destructive determination of manganese in metallurgical tap smelting slag using a high energy medical accelerator Abstract   PDF
N. Togia, T. Vasilopoulou, E. Filippaki, M. I. Savva, P. Georgolopoulou, T. J. Mertzimekis, Y. Basiakos, I. E. Stamatelatos
Vol 11 (2002): HNPS2000 and HNPS2002 Improved global α optical model potentials at low energies Abstract   PDF
P. Demetriou
Vol 9 (1998): HNPS1998 Improved tests of muon and electron flavor symmetry in muon processes Abstract   PDF
W. R. Molzon
Vol 20 (2012): HNPS2012 In situ gamma-ray measurements of marine sediment using Monte Carlo simulation Abstract   PDF
E. Androulakaki, C. Tsabaris, D. L. Patiris, G. Eleftheriou, M. Kokkoris, R. Vlastou
Vol 5 (1994): HNPS1994 Inclusive neutrino-nucleus reaction cross sections at intermediate energies Abstract   PDF
T. S. Kosmas, E. Oset
N. H. Papadakis, - et al.
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