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Vol 14 (2005): HNPS2005 Effects of the in-medium NN cross sections in heavy ion collisions on particle production Abstract   PDF
V. Prassa, T. Gaitanos, G. Lalazissis, M. Di Toro, H. H. Wolter
Vol 25 (2017): HNPS2017 Efficiency calibration of a medium resolution subsea detection system for extended sediment samples Abstract   PDF
F. Maragkos, C. Tsabaris, E. G. Androulakaki, M. Kokkoris, F. K. Pappa, D. L. Patiris, R. Vlastou
Vol 26 (2018): HNPS2018 Efimov States From Triple α Resonances Abstract   PDF
S. Zhang, M. Huang, H. Zheng, G. Zhang, Z. Kohley, Y. G. Ma, S. J. Yennello, A. Bonasera
Vol 18 (2010): HNPS2010 Elastic backscattering measurments for 6,7Li+58Ni, 6,7Li+116,120Sn, 6,7Li+208Pb at near barrier energies Abstract   PDF
K. Zerva, ... et al.
Vol 18 (2010): HNPS2010 Electron Capture in Nuclear Structure and Astrophysics Abstract   PDF
P. Giannaka, T. S. Kosmas, V. Tsakstara
Vol 10 (1999): HNPS1999 Electron elastic scattering off a Tensor-polarized Deuterium Internal Target Abstract   PDF
N. Vodinas, R. Alarcon, M. Anghinolfi, H. Arenhövel, R. van Bommel, T. Botto, M. Bouwhuis, J.F J. van den Brand, M. Bucholz, H. J. Bulten, S. Choi, J. Comfort, D. Dimitroyannis, M. Doets, S. Dolfini, R. Ent, M. Ferro-Luzzi, C. Gaulard, M. Harvey, D. Higinbotham, C. W. de Jager, E. Konstantinov, J. Lang, D. J. de Lange, W. Leidemann, M. A. Miller, D. M. Nikolenko, G. J. Nooren, N. Papadakis, E. Passchier, I. Passchier, H. R. Poolman, S. G. Popov, I. Rachek, M. Ripani, E. Six, J.J. M. Steijger, M. Taiuti, O. Unal, H. de Vries, Z.-L. Zhou
Vol 18 (2010): HNPS2010 Electron fluence determination per Monitor Unit of a linear accelerator used for radiation therapy Abstract   PDF
A. Makridou, C. Tziaka, M. Fragopoulou, S. Stoulos, M. Zamani
Vol 20 (2012): HNPS2012 Electron-capture and beta-decay modes with realistic nuclear structure calculations Abstract   PDF
P. G. Giannaka, T. S. Kosmas
Vol 21 (2013): HNPS2013 Electron-capture modes with realistic nuclear structure calculations Abstract   PDF
P. G. Giannaka, T. S. Kosmas
Vol 3 (1992): HNPS1992 Energy and flux measurement of the neutrons produced in a gas cell Abstract   PDF
G. Doukellis, T. Paradellis, S. Kossionides
Vol 13 (2004): HNPS2004 Energy calibration of He-3, He-4 Neutron Proportional Counters Abstract   PDF
M. Manolopoulou, M. Fragopoulou, S. Stoulos, C. Koukorava, M. Zamani
Vol 21 (2013): HNPS2013 Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Applications in Material Science Abstract   PDF
E. Tsompopoulou, K. Mergia
Vol 26 (2018): HNPS2018 Energy, Resolution and Efficiency Calibration of a LaBr3(Ce) Scintillator Abstract   PDF
Eleni Ntalla, Alexandros Clouvas, Anastasia Savvidou
Vol 6 (1995): HNPS1995 Energy Structure and Distribution of Macroscopical Fermion Matter Abstract   PDF
C. Syros
Vol 24 (2016): HNPS2016 Engineering Design Integration & Non-Destructive Testing for the ESS accelerator Abstract   PDF
N. Gazis, S. Molloy, G. Solbrekken, E. Tanke, D. McGinnis
Vol 11 (2002): HNPS2000 and HNPS2002 Enhancing radiostrontium uptake by a pillared montmorillonite, modified by organic acids Abstract   PDF
C. A. Papachristodoulou, P. A. Assimakopoulos, N.-H. J. Gangas
Vol 3 (1992): HNPS1992 Enviromental Radioactivity measurements in Northwerstern Greece Abstract   PDF
P. A. Assimakopoulos
Vol 6 (1995): HNPS1995 Environmental study of natural radioactivity regime of the Ikaria island and the radiological impact Abstract   PDF
G. Trabidou, H. Florou, A. Angelopoulos, L. Sakelliou, I. Katsikis
Vol 26 (2018): HNPS2018 Equation of state effects on the core-crust interface of slow rotating neutron stars Abstract   PDF
Ch. Margaritis, L. Tsaloukidis, Ch. C. Moustakidis
Vol 16 (2008): HNPS2008 Equation of state for β-stable hot nuclear matter Abstract   PDF
Ch. C. Moustakidis
Vol 1 (1990): HNPS1990 Equivalent Local Potentials for the coupled channel system and the optical potential Abstract   PDF
C. Daskaloyannis
Vol 10 (1999): HNPS1999 Estimating the contamination resulting from hypothetical nuclear accidents during nuclear emergency exercises Abstract   PDF
B. M. Synodinou
Vol 19 (2011): HNPS2011 Evaluation of differential cross-sections for light element reactions at low energies using R-matrix calculations: The case of 12C Abstract   PDF
M. Kokkoris
Vol 10 (1999): HNPS1999 Evaluation of external doses from exposure to gamma sources in the soil using the MCNP code Abstract   PDF
G. Trabidou, I. E. Stamatelatos, P. Kritidis, H. Florou
Vol 26 (2018): HNPS2018 Evaluation of neutron fluence in the treatment room and along the maze of an 18 MV linear accelerator Abstract   PDF
G. Siltzovalis, K. Papadopoulos, M. I. Savva, T. Vasilopoulou, P. Georgolopoulou, P. Karaiskos, J. Kalef-Ezra, I. E. Stamatelatos
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