Charged particles’ detection at n_TOF/CERN: The new annular Double-Sided Silicon Strip Detector

HNPS Advances in Nuclear Physics vol. 29 (HNPS2022)
Published: Apr 26, 2023
DSSSD nTD Pulse Shape Analysis Particle discrimination capability n_TOF
Styliani Goula
Studies of (n, cp) reactions are important for a variety of fields, such as Nuclear Astrophysics, Nuclear Medicine, and nuclear energy applications. Accordingly, towards the development of innovative detection systems that could address these needs, within this contribution, the proposed validation of a new annular neutron-Transmutation Doped (nTD) double-sided silicon strip detector (DSSSD) will be overviewed. The most important characteristics will be given along with the expected performance and abilities within the n_TOF facility at CERN. Furthermore, the adopted particle identification technique based on pulse shape discrimination will be outlined. Finally, some preliminary experimental results will be discussed.
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