Radiation Emission and Absorption by Astrophysical Jets from XRBs

HNPS Advances in Nuclear Physics vol. 29 (HNPS2022)
Published: May 3, 2023
protons gamma-rays absorption XRBs astrophysical jets
Theodora Papavasileiou
Odysseas Kosmas
Ioannis Sinatkas

High-energy particles and radiation such as protons, pions, muons, neutrinos and gamma-ray photons are known to emit from collimated outflows of magnetized astrophysical plasma known as jets. They are being ejected by Active Galactic Nuclei or X-ray binary systems consisting of a companion star accreting mass onto a black hole or a neutron star. Our work focuses on the calculation of the produced particle energy distributions and mainly on the intensity of gamma-rays. We apply this model to prominent examples of Black Hole XRBs such as Cygnus X-1, SS 433, GRS 1915+105, etc. We also study and work on calculating the absorption of emitted gamma-rays by soft and hard X-ray radiation fields originating from the system’s accretion disc, corona and companion star that could strongly affect the jet’s gamma-ray intensity that finally reaches the Earth.

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