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An Application of the Information Entropy to Nuclei

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S. E. Massen
S. E. Massen


Shannon's information entropies in position- and momentum-space and their sum $S$ are calculated for various $s$-$p$ and $s$-$d$ shell nuclei using a correlated one-body density matrix depending on the harmonic oscillator size $b_0$ and the short range correlation parameter $y$ which originates from a Jastrow correlation function. It is found that the information entropy sum for a nucleus depends only on the correlation parameter $y$ through the simple relation $S= s_{0A} + s_{1A} y^{-\lambda_{sA}}$, where $s_{0A}$, $s_{1A}$ and $\lambda_{sA}$ depend on the mass number $A$. Finally, we propose a method to determine the correlation parameter from the above property of $S$ as well as the linear dependence of $S$ on the logarithm of the number of nucleons.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12681/hnps.3345


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