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Microscopic description of induced fission dynamics with nuclear energy density functionals

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Vaia Prassa, H Tao, J. Zhao, Z. P. Li, T. Nikšić, D. Vretenar
Vaia Prassa, H Tao, J. Zhao, Z. P. Li, T. Nikšić, D. Vretenar


Static and dynamic aspects of the fission process are analyzed in a self-consistent framework based on energy density functionals. Multidimensionally constrained mean-field calculations in the collective space determine the potential energy surface of the fissioning nucleus, the scission line, the single-nucleon wave functions, energies, and occupation probabilities. Induced fission dynamics is described using the time-dependent generator coordinate method in the Gaussian overlap approximation. The position of the scission line is analyzed as a function of the strength of the pairing interaction, as well as the effect of static pairing correlations on charge yields and total kinetic energy of fission fragments.


nuclear physics; induced fission; nuclear theory; collective models

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12681/hnps.3000


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