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Determination of 137Cs in Sea Water Samples Using Gamma Spectrometry

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N. Evaggeliou, Ch. Lykomitrou, A. Zafiropoulou
N. Evaggeliou, Ch. Lykomitrou, A. Zafiropoulou


In the present study a comparative evaluation of two methods for 137Cs determination (pretreatment for gamma spectrometry) is attempted. One of them is the conventional AMP (ammonium molybdophosphate, (ΝΗ4)3Ρ(Μo3O10)4) method (radiochemical treatment based on coprecipitation) and the other one is a method based on pre-concentration of cesium in situ by using the Mark III Centrifugal Pump. The pump, which is described analytically in the study, is composed of a mo­tor (pump), four cartridge housings (containing the scavengers), a flow meter and a pressure tube (containing the battery pack and the timer board). For justification, this method is compared with the AMP co-precipitation one. Following up the radioanalytical procedures, the gamma spectrometry system (relative efficiency of high purity germanium detector 90%) is also demonstrated, as conformed to mea­ suring obtained parameters. Finally, the advantages and disadvantages of these two methods are recorded and the application of each one is suggested.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12681/hnps.2975


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