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Production Cross–Section Calculations of 62Cu via Charged Particles Induced Reactions

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Mert Sekerci, H. Özdoğan
Mert Sekerci, H. Özdoğan


The utilization of radioisotopes has been increasing proportionally with the scientific and industrial developments. Among many known and used examples of them, 62Cu has a wide usage due to its suitability for many specific requirements such as in medical applications. By considering the importance of radioisotopes and especially 62Cu, in this study, the theoretical calculations of cross–section values for 62Cu via 59Co(α,n)62Cu, 61Ni(d,n)62Cu, 62Ni(d,2n)62Cu and 62Ni(p,n)62Cu reactions were carried out by employing three phenomenological level density models via TALYS 1.9 code. Obtained results were compared with the available experimental data from Experimental Nuclear Reaction Data (EXFOR) Library by graphically and mathematically.


copper; production; TALYS; level density

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12681/hnps.2476


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