Experimental Study of the Astrophysically Interesting 112Cd(p,γ)113In Reaction

Cross Section Angular Distribution (p γ) Reaction
E.-M. Asimakopoulou
E. Malami
T. J. Mertzimekis
V. Foteinou

An experimental study of the astrophysically interesting 112Cd(p,γ)113In reaction, conducted at INPP, NCSR “Demokritos”, is presented. The purpose of the experiment was to study the total cross section and the angular distribution of the de-excited nuclei. The experiment aimed at both gaining knowledge of proton capture at low energies and serving as a validity test for the Hauser–Feshbach theory, a statistical model of compound reactions of high importance. Both in–beam and activation techniques were used during the experiment and the results are compared to TALYS calculations.

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