Exploring the feasibility of magnetic moment measurements in the exotic 20C nucleus using LISE++ calculations

Published: Απρ 1, 2019
20C LISE fragmentation magnetic moment
D. Papaioannou
S. K. Peroulis
T. J. Mertzimekis

Nuclear magnetic moment measurements in neutron-rich isotopes require special techniques that have to be applied in the latest generation of RIB factories. Fragmentation reactions used in these labs can produce exotic species as secondary beams. Specialized fragment separators are used to optimize the production of secondary beams. In this work, a simulation code, LISE++, is used to explore the feasibility of a magnetic moment measurement in the exotic 20C nucleus, produced as a secondary beam in NSCL A1900 and RIKEN RIPS fragment separators, by optimizing the settings of operations in both.

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