Equation of state effects on the core-crust interface of slow rotating neutron stars

Published: Apr 1, 2019
Neutron stars Nuclear equation of state Crust-core interface Dynamical method
Ch. Margaritis
L. Tsaloukidis
Ch. C. Moustakidis
We systematically  study the symmetry energy  effects of the transition  density ntand the transition pressure Ptaround the crust-core interface of a neutron star in the framework of the dynamical and the thermodynamical method respectively. We employ both the parabolic approximation and the full expansion, for the definition of the symmetry energy. We use various theoretical  nuclear models. Firstly we derive and present an approximation for the transition pressure Ptand crustal mass Mcrust. Secondly, we explore the effects of the Equation of State (EoS) on a few astrophysical applications which are sensitive to the values of n­tand Pt. We found that the above quantities are sensitive mainly on the applied approximation for the symmetry energy (confirming previous results). Furthermore, an additional sensitivity also exists, depending on the used method (dynamical or thermodynamical). The above findings lead us to claim that the determination of the n­tand Ptmust be reliable and accurate before they are used to constrain relevant neutron star properties.
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