Magic numbers for shape coexistence

Published: Απρ 1, 2019
Shape coexistence magic numbers proxy–SU(3)
I. E. Assimakis
Dennis Bonatsos
Andriana Martinou
S. Sarantopoulou
S. Peroulis
T. J. Mertzimekis
N. Minkov
The increasing deformation in atomic nuclei leads to the change of the classical magic numbers (2,8,20,28,50,82…) which dictate the arrangement of nucleons in complete shells. The magic numbers of the three-dimensional harmonic oscillator (2,8,20,40,70,…) emerge at deformations around ε=0.6. At lower deformations the two sets of magic numbers antagonize, leading to shape coexistence. A quantitative investigation is performed using the usual Nilsson model wave functions and the recently introduced proxy–SU(3) scheme.
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